Volunteer @ Hope House

Hope house always welcomes helping hands. We welcome anyone who would like to come to visit us and give their time to helping at Hope House. Volunteers are a huge help to us and volunteering can also be an incredibly rewarding experience for you. Volunteers are welcome to spend time with us, anything from a couple of hours to a few months!

If you would rather just pop in and say hello to us, you are also very welcome. However please note that we prefer to keep visiting times to between 9am and 5pm, so as to maintain the morning and evening routine for our babies.

Our volunteers are people from Kenya, expats living locally and people who come for varying lengths of time from overseas. Students from High Schools and Universities here in Nairobi, come to Hope House to do Community service.

As well as helping care for the babies, volunteers help with the cleaning, laundry and kitchen duties. As we are a Christian Mission, we do require people to have Christian values.